He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.
— Jonathan Swift

Fanny Bay

Origin: British Columbia

Flavor Profile: Sweet and salty, slight metallic taste, with a distinct cucumber finish.


Origin: Vizcaino Bay, Baja, CA

Flavor Profile: Plump flesh with an excellent alkaline texture that stays on your palate. Briny and salty up front then transitions to a sweet and mellow cucumber aftertaste.


Origin: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Flavor Profile: Defined by the Japanese as ultimate and one of the best, this specialty oyster is clean, mildly sweet, delicate and meaty.


Origin: Chelsea, Washington

Flavor Profile: Mild, sweet and briny with a milky soft texture



Origin: Washington

Flavor Profile: Mild brininess, sweet flavor and a melon finish. Deep-cupped shell with petite meats. A favorite for both new oyster eaters and connoisseurs.

Hama hama

Origin: Hood Canal, Washington

Flavor Profile: Firm meat with black mantles, medium salinity and mild brininess. Clean and crisp flavor.


Origin: Willapa Bay, Washington

Flavor Profile: Deep cup, firm flesh, medium brininess, and clean taste.

Fat Bastard

Origin: Willapa Bay, Washington

Flavor Profile: Fat Bastard oysters are a tumbled Shigoku allowed to grow to 2.5-3.25″ (vs a Shigoku’s 1.5-2.5″) and about twice the volume but with the same clean taste.


Origin: McGregor Bay, New Zealand

Flavor Profile: Sweet oyster with a mild brine and strong melon finish. Texture of the meat is firm and slightly chewy.


Origin: New Brunswick, Canada

Flavor Profile: Light, refined briny meat that sits in a petite shell. Great for the novice oyster eater.


Origin: Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Flavor Profile: More robust flavor profile yet still easy to eat with tender meat and a nice balance between brininess and sweetness.

Misty Point

Origin: Pope's Bay, Virginia

Flavor Profile: High salinity up front that transitions into bright, sweet hints of lettuce and celery.